Couple transform beige house into colourful paradise in less than two years

Thanks to shows like Changing Rooms and 60 Minute Makeover, we’ve all become aware of how little tweaks can transform a dull house into a perfect home.

The classics taught us how a lick of paint can go a long way to make your house feel more suited to your tastes.

One couple has completely transformed their home in less than two years – and completely avoided the ‘grey house’ trend.

Vrons Beaumont, 35, and partner Chris, from Nottingham, moved into their £220,000 house in Nottingham back in 2019.

Since then, they have slowly transformed their house into a colourful paradise – with no crushed velvet to be found anywhere.

They share pictures of their home on their dedicated Instagram page @theelectricpenguin, where they have 10,500 followers.

Sales manager Vrons said: “So this is the second home we’ve lived in and when we moved in it was very beige with no real decoration.

“We had saved up before moving so wanted to use that money to really put our stamp on the house.

“Chris and I started with the living room and we really wanted to create a great space for entertaining, so we sacrificed having a dining table so we could fit a home bar in – one of the best decisions we ever made when we went into lockdown.

“Then during lockdown, we wanted to use that time productively, as we had so much time in the house, so we’ve used our evenings and weekends to inject as much colour and fun into the house as possible.”

The couple were influenced by 1920’s speakeasies and Art Deco and added lots of bold colour throughout the property.

During England’s three lockdowns, they were very grateful for their home bar – called The Electric Penguin.

Painted in a deep teal shade with a gold, circular drinks cabinet holding the liquor, and a neon pink LED cocktail light in what was previously a small dining room.

The rest of the home is equally as colourful – if not more – with the kitchen units painted a shocking blue-green, a bright pink fridge and freezer, and a shiny forest stick-on backsplash purchased from Amazon.

It was previously painted in neutral beige and white tones, with plain wooden countertops and light units.

The lounge – previously painted cream – has had a total overhaul with blue walls, a matching sofa and tropical cushions, with a gold leaf light and stuffed tropical bird completing the look.

The hallway is particularly jazzy, completely wallpapered in a green, blue and orange design featuring trees and peacocks. There is also a large, golden peacock taking pride of place on the mantelpiece next to a matching ornate mirror.

Additionally, the couple has an outdoor bar space, painted in dark blue with a solid wood top and a large, red light-up ‘Bar’ sign.

Although they are uncertain how much they have spent on their home to date, Vrons enjoys bargain hunting.

She sourced many of their items from small businesses on Etsy and bought secondhand items from Facebook Marketplace.

The couple also received help from family members with decorating and wallpapering to help cut down costs.

Although they are smitten with their bright home, Vrons admits it isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

She said: “I know it’s probably very full-on for a lot of people but we really enjoy living in a house that reflects our personality.

“Because especially at the moment things are tough, we’ve all spent the last year in lockdown unable to see our family and friends, and so being surrounded by colour and personality in our home really lifts my mood and makes me happy.

“I’m personally not a massive fan of the grey house trend but to each their own.

“I think it’s important that your house reflects your personality, and creating a space you love living in is really key to me.”

Vrons shared snaps of her stunning home on Facebook, where she received thousands of comments.

One person said: “I think I might have died and gone to heaven seeing those photos.”

“I want you to come to my house and style it up,” another person commented.

Someone else wrote: “It’s bonkers, bizarre but brilliant at the same time.”