Book Genres

When it comes to books, you will find two general categories: publishing books and authoring books. A book is an open medium for recording personal information in the form of text or pictures, usually written all over a single page and enclosed by a leather or paper cover. The traditional technical term for such an arrangement is folio. In the case of publishing books, the first published work would be called a treatise; the second would be called a chapbook, and each additional written work would go under the heading of catalogue.

The major categories of fiction books include fiction (novels), nonfiction (nonfiction works), children’s books (books for children under the age of thirteen), and reference books (books about history, geography, science, etc.). Nonfiction books (also called biographies) include a variety of literary works that do not deal with any particular subject. A good example of this type of work would be a biography of a famous person. A work on ancient philosophy would fit into the category of nonfiction books.

There are various popular, contemporary book genres. They include action, fantasy, thriller, science fiction, romance, mystery, horror, comedy, conservative, and New York City mysteries. Some other popular fiction/nonfiction book genres include Christian novels, books for children and young adults, business books, self-help, cook books, gardening books, cookbooks, gardening magazines, gardening periodicals, young adult novels, westerns, and books about the arts, television, video games, and movies. Most fiction books are sold without the jacket having any information on the publisher. Most book jackets are used for promotional purposes and don’t actually give any information about the contents of the book.