Music Radio Stations Rise As TV And Internet Grow

The rise of iPods and other media players have been closely linked to the rise of TV & Radio, as consumers have become less willing to limit their audio enjoyment to purchased TV programs and radio stations. As more radio stations go online to reach a global audience, more people are tuning into the TV when they don’t have cable (or a satellite dish). In fact, the rising popularity of podcasts has led some to wonder if the popularity of music radio might someday be surpassed by TV and/or Internet.

TV  Radio

Perhaps it’s inevitable. With the advent of iPods, cell phones, video games, and Internet access, there are more ways for people to keep up with their favorite music and talk shows than ever before. It seems that consumers just can’t get enough TV and radio. But what does it mean for the industry? Will radio finally lose its power and influence to the point that it won’t be as powerful as TV and Internet businesses?

One thing is clear. As more people tune into music and talk radio on the Internet, this new medium of distribution will continue to grow in strength. But it’s important to remember that as TV and Internet grow more powerful, the impact of music radio stations will need to adjust accordingly. This is why both TV and radio need to continue to find creative ways to differentiate themselves from one another so as not to completely eliminate any possibility of boredom or viewers who tune out when they’re not watching. The rise of music radio channels may be inevitable, but the rise of TV and Internet businesses may be the death knell for music, as listeners simply tune out and away.