The Need for Safer Online Gambling

‘Safer Online Gambling Community’ strives to increase public awareness of online gaming addiction, provide resources for struggling gamblers and contribute to the development of new policy to protect vulnerable gamblers. This group is run by ex-gambling addicts and has links to local councils, health services and government bodies to promote safer online gambling. This group was formed in 1997 when former addicts decided to pool their resources to develop a safer online gambling community. The initial aim was to create a central database of former gamblers who were willing to share stories and help others with their problems. Today, the group focuses on the prevention of gambling addiction.

Safer Online Gambling

One of the main issues facing the Internet user is developing greater understanding about the games they choose to play and how to place limits on their addictive behaviour. Many players are unaware that there are certain games they should not play or certain odds they should be at to maximise their chances of winning. As a result, many players are placing a lot of trust in gaming sites to do the correct amount of maths and balance for them and are risking real money on games they know nothing about. This can be dangerous because many players get involved with high-risk games like Poker which have high house edge and can be very challenging to win. There are also other games that are usually more fun such as slots where many players lose a lot of their money very quickly and it is all too easy to stop playing once you hit the losing streak because you feel you have reached your limit.

Safer Online Gambling Community believes that by educating the general public about their problems and offering them solutions that they can use to break free from their addiction to online gambling. By helping our members to share their experiences and showing them that the Internet offers safer, more fun and relaxing ways to gamble, we can help change the way the public thinks about the online casino bonus industry. With the ongoing talks of new legislative measures aimed at protecting the player, safer online gambling should become more mainstream over the coming years.