Types of Art

Art is the expression of emotion in any form. From paintings and sculptures to computer graphics, photography, motion graphics, and digital art, the range of artistic expression in art is vast. Art is also a broad spectrum of human activities including physical creativity to produce physical goods, visual beauty, emotional power, artistic ability, or technical capability. Art lovers are constantly searching for new forms of art that will express their unique taste, lifestyle, and emotion. Art is not confined to the realm of the visual arts but also extends to such areas as literature, music, film, television, and sculpture. Some types of art are generally seen in one particular culture, whereas others are common among many different cultures.


Classical Art, otherwise known as the Pre-Raphaelites, is one of the most prolific periods in world art history. The works produced during this era are highly valued among enthusiasts of decorative arts because of their beauty, rarity, and originality. The Pre-Raphaelites were contemporary to the European art scene and included renowned painters such as William Blake, Robert Rauschenberg, Jack Vettriano, Milton Glaser, Andy Warhol, and Morris Louis. They produced beautiful works of art, metal works, wood crafts, and textiles that are still highly sought after today.

Art Deco is an artistic movement that began in the latter part of the nineteenth century and focused on bringing together a group of artists into a unified group to promote a more ambitious style of modern painting and decorative art. Art Deco artists included Pablo Picasso, Fauvism, and Cubists such as Rembrandt, Barrios, Grays, and Grint. Art Deco paintings focus on bold patterns, bright colors, and unique shapes. They often portray themes like love, death, fantasy, and business. One of the most famous works by a practicing Art Deco artist is the Mona Lisa, which represents the Italian goddess of wisdom and beauty.