TV & Radio – The Modern Age

In the past, the two were often thought to be one and the same but with today’s modern technology it has proven to be quite different. The first thing to remember is that a local news station will only broadcast for certain hours in each day. This gives the viewer an option on whether or not they would like to watch at that particular time. But with a national level broadcasting service, you will find a plethora of options. For example, in addition to the regular programming you can choose from sports, weather, politics, children’s programming, adult programming, and many other categories.

TV  Radio

When comparing the old forms of TV and radio, you will discover clear differences. The first obvious difference is that TV had music to radio have no other form of entertainment aside from music. Another clear distinction was the fact that television was black and white whereas radio came in color. Even in the early 21st centuries, when satellite TV technology began to dominate all television programming, radio still retained a large number of viewers. But that has changed greatly with the advent of digital video and the internet.

With all the variety of programming offered by a national public broadcasting service, it is no wonder that radio has enjoyed such a phenomenal growth in popularity over the years. It allows people to choose from a variety of options each week to keep them entertained. With all the options broadcasted each week, people are sure to never have any boredom with the radio.