Radio & TV Services Create a Loyal Following

TV & Radio advertising services are not new, and radio has held a great place in our society for decades. But as more people have become savvy to technology, it’s been important to find new ways to reach out to the masses. When someone turns on the television, they are immediately bombarded by advertisements, but when you aren’t at home that exposure is exponentially greater. While television and radio can be very expensive to maintain, the cost of reaching millions of viewers for just one commercial can be incredibly profitable. But this is where some companies have stepped in and offered creative solutions to help radio and television stations reach their audiences.

TV  Radio

Companies like XM and Sirius offer multiplatform advertising solutions that make it possible for viewers to listen and watch television drama as well as radio drama at the same time. Ads that air on television can be broadcast over the airwaves and be received by satellite receivers. They can also be played in automobiles and played on portable media players. When they are played on the radio, the music is heard through AM/FM bands, which means they are played in accordance to the frequency of the broadcasted show. This way, a single show can be enjoyed for months or even years, depending on how often it is aired. XM and Sirius each have several channels devoted to television drama, movies, sports, music, education, home shopping, and local programming.

The goal of these radio and television services isn’t necessarily to earn revenue from listeners and viewers, though it certainly has the financial potential. If a series is popular enough, it may attract an audience of hundreds or thousands who tune in to it throughout the day, every day of the week. That means a steady stream of income from advertisers who buy space on the airwaves during these hours and throughout the week, not to mention a loyal following of fans who keep buying episodes or sticking around to listen to the rest of the seasons. And all of this comes at a cost, which is dramatically less than the cost of maintaining a television or a newspaper.