Read Books – Your Friend For 21 Century

Books have occupied an important place in human history for quite a long time. They have been known to be more or less a mandatory component of every school, college, university, hospital, and house. As far back as the second millennium BC, texts on various subjects were created either on thin slabs of wood covered with animal skins or on mud from the quarries of the local area. These texts were used for many purposes including the preparation of basic educational curriculum, legal guidance and the transmission of myths and legends. Today, books are considered to be a common medium of communication, both through digital and printed mediums, and are used for research purposes as well. In the present day world, books can be bought in any town or city at any book store, book distributor or bookshop.


A book is basically a medium for storing data in the form of pictures or writing, usually composed of several pages glued together and protected with a protective cover. The technical term for this very ordinary physical structure is codex. In order to assist students to read books, the following tips and techniques should be kept in mind:

First of all, we should always ask the help of a friend or any person who has already read books. This will make them aware of the general reading habits of people. This will also help us to understand better the kind of reading habits that are favorable for reading books. Secondly, we should always try to buy books in a proper place where there is adequate lighting and also the noise of traffic is minimal. It is said that in order to read books in comfort and ease, we should follow the simple tips and techniques mentioned above.