The Evolution of Art

Art is a broad spectrum of human activities related to the creative imagination, physical sensation, beauty, emotional energy, or other emotional qualities to express certain technical skill, aesthetic beauty, intellectual knowledge, or other perception. It includes visual art including paintings, sculptures, and photographic art as well as other works of fine arts. Artistic works are the outcome of human imagination and are typically created through the use of the applied skills of visual art. There are various types of art including music, literature, movies, television, multimedia, performing arts, visual culture, and visual artwork. Art has been an important part of people’s lives since the earliest days of recorded history.


Today, art continues to evolve and change in response to technology and visual culture. Although there have been numerous forms and manifestations of art over the centuries, the most common forms of art produced by humans include paintings, sculptures, photographic images, and photographic imagery. Many modern artists and architects are constantly creating new and unique forms of architecture and art that are displayed around the world. The impact of artists such as Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci on the development of art is documented in the numerous art galleries and museums all over the world. As technology continues to advance the development of art will undoubtedly continue to impact society for the future.

Historically, the early art forms developed out of the emerging need of artists to depict things of significance to people in order to encourage communal thought and action. This need led to the practice of writing, and the earliest artistic creations included painted pictures and figurines. From this point on, the different art forms developed based on the developments and needs of the people who were visually engaged with the art form. This is why modern art has been defined as an expression of the human experience in the visual form. In order to benefit from the advancement of technology and fully enjoy the benefits of art forms, it is necessary to learn about the different artistic mediums available and choose an artist based on their expressions of creativity rather than their skill in the technical aspects of the art form.